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1st World Cup
2004 - Chia, Italy
2nd World Cup
2006 - Teia, Barcelona, Spain
3rd World Cup
2008 - Papendal, Arnhem, Holland
4th World Cup
2012 - Royal Meath, Clonee, Ireland

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World Cup of Pitch and Putt

Norway - The Norwegians used the 2008 Pitch and Putt Cup on 23 August to select their team of three for the 2008 World Cup. Norway's team is:

Jan Andersen (above left)

Third in Pitch and Putt Cup 2008 on 113.

Anders Olsen (above centre)

Winner of the Pitch and Putt Cup on 107.

Tony Eder (above right)

2nd place Pitch and Putt Cup on 111.

The team manager is Jo G Brand.

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