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1st World Cup
2004 - Chia, Italy
2nd World Cup
2006 - Teia, Barcelona, Spain
3rd World Cup
2008 - Papendal, Arnhem, Holland
4th World Cup
2012 - Royal Meath, Clonee, Ireland

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World Cup of Pitch and Putt

France - France has announced an experienced team for the World Cup in Papendal, Arnhem from 16-18 October 2008. It is:

Jean-Claude Richard (above left)

Age 58
Club: ForÍt de Montpensier
He played for France at the Euopean championship at McDonagh in 2003 and at Chia Laguna in the 2004 World Cup.
Winner of the Italian Open in 2005.

Christian Auziere (above centre)

Age 53
Club: Domaine de Barres
Represented France in the European championship at McDonagh 2003, Overbetuwe 2005 and at Chia Laguna 2007. He was winner of the French "Challenge National" 2008.
Winner of San Marino Open in 2004.

Pierre Rongier (above right)

Age 44
Club: Jean Club.
Profession: Greenkeeper
Third in French "Challenge National" 2008.

The team manager is Bernard Dinnat.

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