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1st World Cup
2004 - Chia, Italy
2nd World Cup
2006 - Teia, Barcelona, Spain
3rd World Cup
2008 - Papendal, Arnhem, Holland
4th World Cup
2012 - Royal Meath, Clonee, Ireland
5th World Cup
2016 -

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CATALONIA - World Champions - again!

On one of toughest courses in the Pitch and Putt world, the locals used every advantage to their benefit to take their 2nd successive World Cup title.
Over three days of intense competition and in tough windy conditions, the Catalan players swept all before them. Unexpectedly their opponents in the final were from neighbouring Andorra who had, the day before, inflicted the first ever defeat on the Irish in international competition.
In the final, with an estimated 2000 spectators on course, the local players showed greater calm and control to take their second World title and stamp their authority on the World Cup competition.

The win will no doubt be a tremendous boost for the sport in Catalonia.

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Engi, Switzerland

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