FIPPA Newsletter - October 2006.

Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter on (the official website of the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations.)
This issue brings you the views of Pitch and Putt pioneers and entrepreneurs.
We hear from enthusiastic players and one of the game's legends. A sporting politician provides his perspective on our sport. We welcome your feedback and please keep us posted on what you'd like to read here every couple of months. Thanks to all who contributed. Let's continue to spread the Pitch and Putt message.
John Manning, Assistant Secretary General, FIPPA.

article 1 - John Hudson, FIPPA Vice President.

article 2 - Lolo Ibern, Secretary General of Catalan Sports Secretariat.

article 3 - Sean Downes, Ireland player.

article 4 - Marie Hutchison, Australian player and administrator

article 5 - Erik Jorritsma, EPPA Vice President and businessman .

article 6 - Martin Whitelaw, FIPPA Board Member.

article 7 - Doreen Powell, Great Britain player and administrator .

Course of the Month.

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