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Fernando Cano

Defending World champion

Catalan Pitch and Putt star Fernando Cano was crowned inaugural World Strokeplay champion four years. Here's his recollection.

Q) Fernando, when you were on your way to Montpellier back in 2009, did you think for a moment that you might come back home as the first Strokeplay Champion of the world?
A) I was absolutely convinced that it would be very difficult, but not impossible. I certainly was not among the favourites, but I knew that I had to play my very best to have any chance at all.

Q) 2. What went through your mind, having had a superb 2nd round and caught up with Ray Murphy, who had carded a fantastic first round, breaking the course record?
A) I guess the first thing that came to mind was that if I took the lead after 36 holes I would be under pressure because a number of great players would be very close, and make every effort to overtake me in the next round. I knew it would not be just a matter of holding on to the lead, I would have to shoot more Birdies, otherwise I would fall behind. Despite the awful weather; rainy and windy, I managed 16 Birdies and not one Bogey in the third round. The last few holes were especially tense as I knew Ray was in the Clubhouse on 14 Under, and I was playing the 17th with a one shot advantage. Not until a chip-in from the edge of the Green for Birdie, did I think I might win. Then I managed a Par at the last hole.

Fernando Cano

Q) Several international players thought it very noble of you that you were very keen to wait to see if the torrential rain would stop and allow for a third round be played, despite suggestions that you as leader after two rounds might be declared as the winner. What were you thinking as it was finally decided to go for another round?
A) Being leader after two rounds was never going to convince me that I would be a worthy winner of such a major Championship. It was crucial to try and have a third round, otherwise it would have taken the shine off the title. Sure, there was pressure from other players, but I was determined to play a final round and win ... properly.

Q) Congratulations Fernando on being the first World Strokeplay Champion. Will you be going this Summer to Galicia to defend your title?
A)If I'm physically fit sure. However, I've been out of the game for some time now due to an elbow epicondilitis problem. If it heals and I'm fit, I'll be there. Obviously, I would like to be practice the EPPA distances beforehand, because I've had more experience on the slightly longer courses over here in Catalonia and in Andorra. I would be thrilled to turn up and bring the trophy back to Catalonia.

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