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How to Join FPPA

While many people get intimidated by golf and pitch and putt being expensive kinds of sports, it is actually one simple game. Becoming an FPPA Accredited player will not require you to win any tournament. You only need to register, undergo training, and play a few games. Then, you automatically become an Accredited Player in the Florida Pitch and Putt Association.

How to register?

You can send a message to Our customer support will assist you in your registration. You may have to fill up some forms before you can officially become a member.

What courses to take?

You can enroll in any courses or clubs that are recognized by the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Association (FPPA). Before you enroll, you can ask them for a certificate. You can also visit their website and look for the logo of the FPPA.

The Accredited Player is entitled to the following benefits:

  • Be formally recognized in both the national and international field as a registered competition-playing member of their Course, Club, State Association and FPPA;
  • Be eligible as a representative participant or team member for FPPA in any competing event to viable for nomination to FPPA;
  • Be eligible for support for participation as an APPA representative participant or team member in any competition so designated by APPA;
  • Be eligible to be included in FPPA’s ranking system particularly at the national level;
  • Be eligible to participate in any of the national handicapping system or handicap-based divisions system FPPA organizes, including its own system;
  • Be eligible for public exposure in events through telecasts;
  • Be eligible for awards that denote FPPA accreditation; and
  • Be eligible to join and speak at FPPA periodic meetings;
  • Be eligible to nominate to any position in the Executive Committee and of your Club’s representative to the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Association