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The Federation of International Pitch and Putt Association (FIPPA) and the European Pitch and Putt Association  (EPPA) both insist that pitch and putt and golf are two different sports. In fact, they clearly defined its international key characteristics belying on distance, the number of clubs, teeing, and its specific handicap system. These handicap systems also vary within concerned entities. Ireland, for example, has updated a new handicap system in 2016. In addition to this, the Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland is more particular and keen on their specific rules since it’s more comprehensive than that of other entities.

Add and deduct strokes will vary if the player’s score is above or below equivalence in the competition. Sometimes, these are manually inputted or computerized. Other entities may enter scores through players themselves while some have a centralized board.

The relative degree of difficulty according to the complexity of the course rating kind of handicap system being taken into account has not been fully realized because of the variety of systems per entity.

For basics, international competitions define the max length of hole up to 100 yards (90 meters). Thus, an 18- hole course has a total length of 1,300 yards (1200 meters). There should only be two irons and a putter. It is also obligatory to use a tee on the teeing ground. However, the Rules of the Royal and Ancient St. Andrews mostly apply with exclusions that are purposely accepted by each entity.

FPPA basically follows these specific systems tailored fit for its entity.