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We have reproduced the results of past competitions for this website as well as keeping you completely up to date on current and future competitions.

It is FIPPA's intention to finalise details of major competitions at least 12 months before they are held so that players from all around the world may have a chance to organise travel arrangements and take part.

The World Interclub League was an unique club based competition that allowed club based teams to compete against each other from the comfort of their home courses. Once a month teams of 8 played a game at their own course and their scores were compared with opponents based somewhere else in the world. In 2005 the competition started with 8 teams from 4 continents, in 2007 34 teams from around the globe took part.

World Inter-Club League Winner

NPPV, Netherlands
Canberra International, Australia
St. Patrick's, Ireland

FIPPA - EVENTS - World Inter-Club League

Each year there are a growing number of major international events on the Pitch and Putt global calendar.
It started with a few international contests between the Irish and the Australians (in the '90s) and British (back in the early 80's), and now we have a World Cup, World Strokeplay, International Seniors tournament, European team and individual Championships as well as many International Opens.

International Calendar 2014

Sept. 17/20 European Team Championships - Xixerella Park, Andorra
Oct. 4/5 International Pairs Tournament (FCPP supervised) - Papalus, Lloret de Mar
Nov. 29/30 Australian Open, Waverley

Course of the Month.

Rocklodge, Ireland

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