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In a friendly ladies international match this weekend at Teyco l'Ampolla, Catalonia beat Rest of Europe by 9 matches to nil.

Catalan names first
Núria Dalmau & Mercedes Marco beat Laura Alfonso (Andorra) & Heidrun Tiemeyer (Andorra) 8&7
Abby Nachshon & Marga Robledo beat Herma Kleinlugtenbeld (Holland) & Maria Rhyner (Switzerland) 1 up
Pilar Montero & Sílvia Garangou beat Joletta Ottens (Holland) & Esther de Schiffart (Holland) 4&3
Fourball Result: Catalonia 3 Rest of Europe 0

Catalan names first
Mercedes Marco beat Herma Kleinlugtenbeld (Holland) 5&3
Núria Dalmau beat Esther de Schiffart (Holland) 4&3
Sílvia Garangou beat Joletta Ottens (Holland) 4&2
Marga Robledo beat & Maria Rhyner (Switzerland) 4&3
Abby Nachshon beat Heidrun Tiemeyer (Andorra) 4&2
Pilar Montero beat Laura Alfonso (Andorra) 6&5
Singles Result: Catalonia 3 Rest of Europe 0
Overall Result: Catalonia 9 Rest of Europe 0

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