Jun 06 - St.Patricks, Ireland
Jul 06 - Teia, Catalonia
Aug 06 - Stanley Park, Canada
Sep 06 - Portmarnock, Ireland
Oct 06 - Sant Cebria, Catalonia
Nov 06 - Papendal, Netherlands
Dec 06 - Horsholm, Denmark
Jan 07 - Shandon, Ireland
Feb 07 - Portal del Roc, Catalonia
Mar 07 - Terrey Hills, Australia
Apr 07 - Jones Beach Park, USA
May 07 - Gualta, Catalonia
June 07 - Stackallen, Ireland
July 07 - Sant Jaume, Catalonia
August 07 - Waverley, Australia
September 07 - La Rosaleda, Canary Islands
October 07 - Fornells, Catalonia
November 07 - RGSC, Ireland
December 07 - Centenary Park, UK.
January 08 - Chia Laguna, Italy.
March 08 - Royal Meath, Ireland.
April 08 - Imjelt, Norway.
May 08 - Les Goelands, France.
June 08 - Les Moulins, Verbier, Switzerland.
July 08 - Glenville, Ireland.
Aug 08 - Lloret Papalus, Catalonia.
Sep 08 - Southern Cross, Australia
Oct 08 - Overbetuwe, Netherlands
Nov 08 - Fermoy, Ireland
Dec 08 - St. Moritz, Switzerland
Jan 09 - Larkspur Park, Ireland
Feb 09 - Lleida, Catalonia
March 09 - Glanville Hall, Australia
April 09 - St. Stephen's, Ireland
May 09 - Kristtornskogen, Norway
June 09 - Bussloo, Netherlands
July 09 - West Palace, China
Aug 09 - Canberra International, Australia
Sept 09 - Teyco l'Ampolla, Catalonia
Oct 09 - Cloghogue, Ireland
Nov 09 - El Torrent, Andorra
Dec 09 - Colegio Medico, Chile
Jan 10 - 2Club Golf, Ohio, USA
Feb 10 - Mas Pages, Catalonia
Mar 10 - Locarno, Switzerland
Apr 10 - Erin's Isle, Ireland
May 10 - Queen Elizabeth Park, Canada
June 10 - Heerde, Netherlands
July 10 - El Vendrell, Catalonia
Aug 10 - Deerpark, Ireland
Sep 10 - Nuolen, Switzerland
Oct 10 - Tennis Mora, Catalonia
Nov 10 - Koekange, Netherlands
Dec 10 - Collinstown, Ireland
Jan 11 - Utsikten, Norway
Feb 11 - Pazo da Touza, Galicia
Mar 11 - Seapoint, Ireland
Apr 11 - Groningen, Netherlands
May 11 - St. Anne's, Ireland
Jun 11 - Bonarea, Catalonia
Jul 11 - Central Park, UK.
Aug 11 - Boiro, Galicia.
Sept 11 - Ring Commons, Ireland.
Oct 11 - Bryne & Kro, Norway.
Nov 11 - Vall d'Ordino, Andorra.
Dec 11 - Claycastle, Ireland.
Jan 12 - West Golf, Germany.
Feb 12 - Wolvega, Netherlands.
Mar 12 - Hcap 1, Catalonia.
Apr 12 - Valley View, Australia.
May 12 - SRV, Koh Chang, Thailand.


Glenville lies in beautiful surroundings in Dublin’s populous Westside suburb, Tallaght. The course, nestled in the shadow of the Dublin mountains just off the Kiltipper Road, celebrates 60 years of existence in 2008.

Today Glenville is Ireland’s largest club with over 600 members. Back in the early World War II years, the area was markedly different. The land, which lies on the banks of the River Dodder, was a popular camp site holiday destination for residents of inner-city Dublin. Part of the land (now occupied by holes 6, 8, 9 and 10 of the Pitch and Putt course) was known as “Campers’ Field” and some more permanent holiday huts stood on the riverbank, close to what is now the 5th hole.

The campers decided to build a large putting green for their own amusement and many hours of enjoyment were had during the summer months. Some wanted something more exciting so a single Pitch and Putt hole was constructed. From this a nine hole course evolved and by 1948, Glenville was an 18 hole course. It was in 1948 that Glenville joined Glennane, Alpha (now Shandon) and CYMC to form the first Dublin County Pitch and Putt Board and the rest, as they say, is history.

Glenville Pitch and Putt course.

The Club Motto could be summed-up as “It can be done; We’ll do it; just do it!” Glenville epitomises how a club should be run. Glenville Committees, past and present, have invested tremendous effort into achieving the wonderful facilities that the Glenville membership enjoys. Glenville members have been magnificent supporters of competitions and Glenville has also contributed some wonderful administrators over the years.

Glenville are an example to all other clubs. The course is always in first-class condition, testimony to a succession of quality greenkeepers. The course starts with a gentle opener but the challenge gets underway in earnest at the next with a long pitch over a yawning huge front bunker. The fifth present the twin posers of carrying a huge expanse of sand and avoiding the Out of Bounds hedge, close to where those holiday huts stood, all those years ago. The treacherously sloping ninth green brings the opening half to a testing conclusion. Holes 10 and 11 are short but tricky while the newly-lengthened 14th calls for an accurate teeshot to a green perched on a ledge. Don’t be short! The final green, well protected by mounds and sand traps has witnessed much drama over the past six decades.

Some of the major Pitch and Putt events (a tribute to the excellence of the club as a host venue for major events) held at Glenville down the years include: 1977 National Men’s Strokeplay Championships (Sean Stynes won by five) 1984 National Men’s Matchplay Championships (Army man Tony McCormack pipped holder John O’Leary) 1987 National Inter-County Championships (Meath’s men’s team fired 397 to beat a gallant Carlow by two while Dublin won the ladies) 1994 National Matchplay Championships (first twinning of the Men’s and Ladies championships) 1997 Quadrangular International Tournament (Ireland beat England, Canada and Australia) 1998 National Matchplay Championships (Ray Murphy and Marian Byrne triumphed) 2001 National Ladies Strokeplay Championships (The late Peggy Campbell’s record performance) 2002 National Mixed Team Event Final (won by St. Bridget’s) 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games – Pitch and Putt 2005 National Inter-County Championships (Cork’s men’s scored the all-time championship record of 64 under par while Dublin regained the ladies crown) 2008 National Matchplay Championships (Ray Murphy’s third men’s title in a row and a first ladies crown for Tara Dillon) .

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