Jun 06 - St.Patricks, Ireland
Jul 06 - Teia, Catalonia
Aug 06 - Stanley Park, Canada
Sep 06 - Portmarnock, Ireland
Oct 06 - Sant Cebria, Catalonia
Nov 06 - Papendal, Netherlands
Dec 06 - Horsholm, Denmark
Jan 07 - Shandon, Ireland
Feb 07 - Portal del Roc, Catalonia
Mar 07 - Terrey Hills, Australia
Apr 07 - Jones Beach Park, USA
May 07 - Gualta, Catalonia
June 07 - Stackallen, Ireland
July 07 - Sant Jaume, Catalonia
August 07 - Waverley, Australia
September 07 - La Rosaleda, Canary Islands
October 07 - Fornells, Catalonia
November 07 - RGSC, Ireland
December 07 - Centenary Park, UK.
January 08 - Chia Laguna, Italy.
March 08 - Royal Meath, Ireland.
April 08 - Imjelt, Norway.
May 08 - Les Goelands, France.
June 08 - Les Moulins, Verbier, Switzerland.
July 08 - Glenville, Ireland.
Aug 08 - Lloret Papalus, Catalonia.
Sep 08 - Southern Cross, Australia
Oct 08 - Overbetuwe, Netherlands
Nov 08 - Fermoy, Ireland
Dec 08 - St. Moritz, Switzerland
Jan 09 - Larkspur Park, Ireland
Feb 09 - Lleida, Catalonia
March 09 - Glanville Hall, Australia
April 09 - St. Stephen's, Ireland
May 09 - Kristtornskogen, Norway
June 09 - Bussloo, Netherlands
July 09 - West Palace, China
Aug 09 - Canberra International, Australia
Sept 09 - Teyco l'Ampolla, Catalonia
Oct 09 - Cloghogue, Ireland
Nov 09 - El Torrent, Andorra
Dec 09 - Colegio Medico, Chile
Jan 10 - 2Club Golf, Ohio, USA
Feb 10 - Mas Pages, Catalonia
Mar 10 - Locarno, Switzerland
Apr 10 - Erin's Isle, Ireland
May 10 - Queen Elizabeth Park, Canada
June 10 - Heerde, Netherlands
July 10 - El Vendrell, Catalonia
Aug 10 - Deerpark, Ireland
Sep 10 - Nuolen, Switzerland
Oct 10 - Tennis Mora, Catalonia
Nov 10 - Koekange, Netherlands
Dec 10 - Collinstown, Ireland
Jan 11 - Utsikten, Norway
Feb 11 - Pazo da Touza, Galicia
Mar 11 - Seapoint, Ireland
Apr 11 - Groningen, Netherlands
May 11 - St. Anne's, Ireland
Jun 11 - Bonarea, Catalonia
Jul 11 - Central Park, UK.
Aug 11 - Boiro, Galicia.
Sept 11 - Ring Commons, Ireland.
Oct 11 - Bryne & Kro, Norway.
Nov 11 - Vall d'Ordino, Andorra.
Dec 11 - Claycastle, Ireland.
Jan 12 - West Golf, Germany.
Feb 12 - Wolvega, Netherlands.
Mar 12 - Hcap 1, Catalonia.
Apr 12 - Valley View, Australia.
May 12 - SRV, Koh Chang, Thailand.

Course of the Month - West Golf, Troisdorf, Germany

Just twenty five kilometres southeast of downtown Cologne lies one of Deutscher Pitch and Putt Verband's key member courses. The nine holes Pitch & Putt course of West Golf (situated just off the A59 motorway, which links Dinslaken and Bonn) is designed for beginners and novices, the best way to learn to play and develop a mature game. After a trial "Training Course", a visitor may begin to play directly - a very rare opportunity in Germany! As well as the novice player, the course affords advanced players the opportunity to practice precise shots of 40-100 metres distance.

West Golf offers an easy and affordable entry into the sport. The course is accessible to anyone. There is no mandatory handicap or membership requirement. You can play at West Golf for just 15 EUR!

West Golf management look forward to seeing you!

West Golf has the greatest short game area in North Rhine-Westphalia! Where else can you play on almost 10,000 square metres of space under four different target greens of equal quality? West Golf understands the importance of the short game and ther PGA Professionals have special courses designed for "short game" improvement. Here clients may practice chipping, pitching and bunker techniques rom a variety of locations. The 800 square metres putting green is undulating and offers players several "breaks" and different length putts. The entire short game area is equipped with floodlights and allows play in the long evening hours. It's a very active club. Members and visitors alike are kept up to date on offers and events via Facebook.

Open Mon. - Sun.
Driving Range:
07:30 - 21:00

Designed by Francois Bouchard, the course was opened in 2009. It won a Design award in the 2010 Rheingolf Awards. That was in the category "Innovation"

"In the view of the high-calibre jury, West Golf has created a golf course that sets a new benchmark for 9-hole courses. It combines a winning vision with challenging sporting standards to meet sophisticated demands, and offers ideal training conditions for beginners and advanced players alike. The jury singled out the course design for particular praise."

West Golf Pitch and Putt accompanies a nine hole golf course which features an island green a la the 17th at Sawgrass.

Longest hole on 630 metre Pitch and Putt course is the 4th at 98 metres while the shortest is 7th at just 43 metres.

Course address is:
Am Golfplatz 1
(Kriegsdorfer Str.
Uckendorfer Str.)
53844 Troisdorf

e-mail the club info@west-golf.com

The West Golf website can be found here...

Course of the Month.

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